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 ART House 360 will be a non-profit, 501(c)(3) multicultural workspace for artists, arts education businesses & nonprofit organizations in downtown Verona.



Our vision is to create a home for artistic exploration, invention, collaboration and community connection through a variety of arts classes and programming.


By renovating and repurposing Verona's vacant 1917 schoolhouse, AH360 can thrive through the cross-pollination and collaboration of arts entrepreneurs, solo artists and non-profit groups all working in a diverse and dynamic ecosystem. As the owner of the space, the nonprofit AH360 will lease space to six to seven anchor tenants. These thriving arts entities provide monthly rent to the nonprofit AH360, which in turn provides a deeply supportive artistic home and invests a portion of the funds in AH360 low-cost and no-cost arts education offerings. 


In addition, businesses or individual arts tenants are able to collaborate with the non-profit AH360 to gain fiscal sponsorship for grants and individual contributions to support their own community outreach educational programs.

This is our unique vision for adapting the historic downtown Verona schoolhouse into an arts destination.

  • Studio space for artists working in dance, visual art, theatre, and music

  • Transformative and accessible arts educational programming for all ages

  • Resources and workspace to empower artists centering on women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and historically underrepresented artists

  • A destination arts space in downtown Verona and western Dane County

  • Performance and exhibition space that builds community connection

AH360 answers the NEED for:


Working as an artistic ecosystem allows our collective of organizations, artists and companies to cross-pollinate and thrive by sharing multiple spaces, marketing and technology plus resources, audiences, students and customers. 

Space for Resident Organizations

Revenue stream: long-term rental agreements


Working as an ecosystem means our business plan is primarily sustained by each business holding a lease in the house. The rent from tenants will provide 70% of the income for operational costs of the Art House 360. Consistent monthly revenue will allow each organization to focus on their mission and have the financial stability to increase their impact on the artists, kids, teens and adults they serve.


Community Space

Revenue Stream: rental fees, event tickets, concessions, individual donations,

local grants and business sponsors.

By providing shared public space for students, parents, and supporters to congregate, we keep the ecosystem sustained and thriving by offering concessions, live music, poetry slams, gallery nights, camps, community events and special event rentals.

Outreach Programs

Revenue Stream: Individual donations, foundational support, local

grants & business sponsors

Art House 360 is largely focused on creating access and inclusion to the arts to our multicultural and multigenerational community. We know building partnerships with area schools, non-profits, and clubs will create meaningful opportunities and provide access to more people through scholarships and no-cost programming-while at the same time assuring that all artists providing services are paid a good wage for

their talent and craft.

AH360 Annual Revenue Sources

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