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Co-Founders' Vision

Four arts leaders from Theatre LILA, Inventiva Works, Barrio Dance & Slate BLUE Studios have joined together to build a new nonprofit for western Dane County!

More than a new artspace in Verona, ART House 360° is a movement for greater wellbeing, connection, and artistic expression through the arts. We're breaking down barriers, making ART House 360° a place where the ARTS bring us all together, regardless of age, culture, or ability.  But it doesn’t stop there. We cultivate a vibrant co-working environment that allows artists of all disciplines to thrive creatively and financially. Our 360° artistic ecosystem will bring the transformational superpowers of teaching artists directly to our community. Think families engaging in messy art projects, teens exploring theater and dance, musicians and visual artists creating new works to be shared.

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AH360 answers the NEED for:

  • Studio space for artists working in dance, visual art, theatre, and music

  • Transformative and accessible arts education programming for all ages

  • Resources and workspace to empower artists centering on women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and historically underrepresented artists

  • A destination arts space in downtown Verona and western Dane County, and

  • Performance and exhibition space that builds community connection


  • To provide a multicultural co-workspace supporting individual artists, arts educators, and arts organizations, and

  • To create access and inclusion to arts education and arts programs for our diverse, multigenerational community so more people may experience the transformative power of the arts.


TOGETHER we are financially strong

Working as an artistic ecosystem allows our collective of organizations, artists and companies to cross-pollinate and thrive by sharing multiple spaces, marketing and technology plus resources, audiences, students and customers. 

Space for Resident Organizations

Revenue stream: long-term rental agreements


Working as an ecosystem means that our business plan is primarily sustained by each entity holding a lease in the House. The rent from tenants will provide 70% of the income for operational costs of the ART House 360. Consistent monthly revenue will allow each tenatn to focus on their mission and have the financial stability to increase their impact on the artists, kids, teens and adults they serve.


Community Space

Revenue Stream: rental fees, event tickets, concessions, individual donations, local grants & business sponsors.

The heart of AH360 is our community room, where students, parents, and supporters come to congregate -- and where we keep the ecosystem thriving by offering concessions, live music, poetry slams, camps, retail gallery space, community arts events and private rentals.

Outreach Programs

Revenue Stream: Individual donations, foundational support, local grants & business sponsors.

ART House 360 will create access and inclusion to the arts for our multicultural and multigenerational community by offering scholarships and low- or no-cost programming. We are committed to building relationships and developing meaningful engagement with area schools and nonprofits. At the same time, we will ensure that all artists providing services are paid a good wage for their talent and craft.

WHY Build this Community ARTS Space?


We know that the arts have the potential to transform lives and the community. Rather than focusing on one artistic area, AH360 will create an ecosystem that will offer a full array of artistic programming and experiences for a diverse community with varying talent, experiences, and interests.


We believe diversity is a strength and that we are stronger as individuals and as a community when everyone has the opportunity to belong and succeed. We have put together a diverse leadership team and artistic collaborators by design. We recognize that each person has different circumstances. The ART House is a multi-generational space for each member of our diverse, multicultural community. Through the arts, we affirm our multiple and intersecting identities and facilitate connection across identities and cultures. We are intentional in utilizing inclusive practices that make it possible for more people to access and experience arts education programs & shows.


We envision a space where artists have stability, a place to call 'HOME.' By building an artistic ecosystem, we give artists a much-needed home base to thrive in their artistic work, opportunities to be financially successful by sharing costs and to create consistent income by having a permanent, affordable space. AH360 also provides more jobs in Dane County for artists, designers, and teaching artists through camps, workshops, and shows.


Countless studies have revealed the profound impact of the arts on our psychological wellbeing, reducing stress levels, and improving overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Our HOUSE has the potential to provide relief from the mental health crisis that many are experiencing – and give our students opportunities for time away from screens – to awaken creativity, connection, and confidence. Community members will come together at the ART House 360 to participate in joyful and inspiring experiences with others.

AH360 Annual Revenue Sources

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